EqSD PAC Voters Guide 2016

Equality South Dakota Political Action Committee has released its voters guide for the 2016 general election.   EqSD PAC is endorsing 43 legislative candidates and opposing 46 legislative candidates.

The endorsements were made based upon (1) responses to a survey EqSD PAC sent to each candidate and (2) the candidate’s legislative voting record.   EqSD PAC is endorsing 36 Democrats and 7 Republicans.   Of the remaining 88 legislative candidates, EqSD PAC is neither endorsing nor opposing for these reasons:  (1) the candidate had a mixed voting record or (2) is a newcomer candidate on which EqSD PAC has no information to make a decision (the candidate did not return the survey).

EqSD is also supporting Amendment T. Amendment T would create an independent commission to re-draw legislative districts every 10 years. This would eliminate gerrymandered districts.

See the voters guide to learn how your candidates rank!

EqSD 2016 Voting Guide

EQSD-PAC_logo_horz-K+180cAs we look toward the fall elections, it is important to know who our friends are.

EqSD has compiled this Voting Record (pdf) that reports how the votes we most care about went down in Pierre last session.


Please share this information widely!

EqSD PAC is currently in the process of surveying legislative candidates and will be making endorsements in about a month.

Please join us – and check back.